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Individual Coaching is a one on one time with you and your coach. The coaching relationship is collaborative, action-oriented, supportive and its focus is on you. It is designed to help individuals recognize where they are in life and seek to move forward. As a Transformational Life Coach, individuals will be assisted in taking steps to see different life perspectives, become self-aware and set goals. Individuals will identify their needs, wants, and desires in order to obtain the goals and reach their full potential.


Whether you want to become unstuck, start something new or make needed changes in life, it is our goal to come along side of you to offer you tools needed to begin rewriting your story and create the life you envision. Individual coaching provides ongoing support, encouragement and non-judgmental accountability. Your relationship with your coach is unique and confidential.


One of the most difficult things to do is look in the mirror and face yourself; thinking you are all alone in what you’re going through or have been through. Life is not easy, however knowing there are other individuals that have a similar journey or experience can lift some of the burden. Groups have the benefit of building reflection, reframing, moving forward through  problem solving and choosing to see a new perspective in life.   

Group Coaching is a time where individuals come together as a group to receive coaching on a similar topic to gain insight through collaboration among peers.  In Group Coaching, individuals will develop insight and be inspired to choose various ways of thinking that will allow them to learn from one another and set goals. The team comes alongside by offering learning opportunities that will allow you to gain knowledge from each other in order to take  action.


Research has proven that when individuals work together in a group setting, it produces self-awareness, inspiration, motivation and confidence. Although each group member will have individual goals, the coach will come alongside the group to promote learning, which begins with reframing the problem, determining a goal, followed by choosing effective strategies and finally; action. With the coach’s assistance, the team members reflect on what they are learning and how they are moving forward from where  they are to where they desire to be.


Couples coaching is a designated time a couple has with their coach.  Couples Coaching is a time to work in partnership with your coach to identify areas of growth you desire in your relationship. This is an interactive time where (the couple) will look at their relationship; where it is now and where they would like it to be.  Upon recognizing the desires as a couple, your coach will work along side of you both to assist in setting plans in place to achieve your goals and live out the life you desire. 


From learning how to work together as individuals, understand each other’s needs, or just figuring out how to take your relationship to a new level, it is our goal to assist you by giving insight needed to begin your new story. Couple’s coaching provides ongoing support, encouragement and non-judgmental accountability. Your relationship with your coach is unique and confidential.


We are pleased to provide dynamic, insightful, customized workshops designed to bring about a positive change in every person who attends.  Our workshops are highly customized as we find out clients’ outcome goals and with client input, design a workshop that’s tailored to your specific needs.  Our high energy and engaging workshops available, but are not limited to:

  • Young males

  • Young females

  • Women

  • Couples

  • Individual

Contact us today to discuss how we can facilitate a workshop for you.

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